Those telluric Corbieres have to be earned. It’s a bit “behind closed doors”, behind walls, behind cypress trees and olive groves.
This house was a tired, damp and freezing gulag in the winter. Ten years down the road the enchantment is here and still growing..
Minimalists of all sorts, hold your horses, there will be space for you later…
In his cabinet of curiosities, PJ has gathered pieces sourced by his travels. He has been able to stage these pieces as transient art installations. He plays with polarities and places things out of context to make his strong, personal, sometimes spiritual, esthetic – with a twist – statements.










Getting confused about the limit between beauty and terror…
Relocating found objects changes our perception of their status, lifespan or utility. They become suggestions, your mind can fill in the gaps and lets you dream. A romantic method!


One thought on “Bizarre

  1. Tim Etpoum Dans La Foret says:

    beau blog, bien présenté, on sent la connexion entre l’Artiste et la responsable de la mise en page..

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