Lost in the looking

Visions and pictures can help chose your personal journey through life. Sometimes I see something and it disappears in a minute. Beauty can hide in fragility, in lightness, in dust, in silence. Some things also bear witness to lost worlds, whose traces are almost invisible but shape up the web of our lives. Objects and places that stop being used can regain life and be embellished, ennobled by shabbiness. They take you poetically into the heart of their slowed-down worlds. You think you‘ve found them, but « at the end of the day »… they’ve found you. Almost anything can be a pretext to stop and smell these roses. There’s more to them than meets the eye… and so the “shop” is step 1.


I’ve driven by this “shop” located in Sigean, in the Corbieres area, quite a few times this year. It’s on the way to some gorgeous, windswept and untouched moorland where you can hike for hours. I first smiled about “the shop”, then… it’s become my favorite picture… not that the place shines, but to me there is something there that’s… radiant about it!
Radiant in a blissful sense that fits exactly my “bigger picture”, and the message I’d like to get across all along this blog. So, spotting radiance and beauty everywhere are Step 1. Step 2 is about feeling the deepness under the “icing (dust!)on the cake”.

The surface of things is not necessarily some varnish which covers up spots or superfluous details and diverts from the essentials, but also and maybe the expression and the manifestation of what it veils or conceals.

“ The form expresses the  contents which come back up to the surface” Victor Hugo said.
Nietzsche also commented on the Ancient Greeks’ “both superficial and deep “attitude, whose passion for aesthetics – far from being the result of ignorance -, was the outcome of their sharp perceptiveness of the tragedy of life. From this angle, the fact to stick to the surface is no defect, lack, weakness, inadequacy but to the contrary the outcome of an exploration, of a sharp awareness of the meaning of life and the choice to sublimate it in -and through-appearances.
The skin is also a fantastic metaphor for this“profound superficiality”, with Paul Valery’s words:
“Ce qu’il y a de plus profond en l’homme, c’est la peau”.


I pay my respect to this particular tree located in Villeseque-des-Corbieres every time I walk by.. Susan Sontag said all pictures were memento mori. When you take a picture, you meet the mere mortal, vulnerable, fragile fate of something/someone. So why not celebrate this permanent dissolution of time?


IMG_4089 IMG_4539 IMG_4990

IMG_4536 2 

Early morning mist on the Sigean lakes,  surrounded with pine groves…
A need for solitude, harmony and respite
Landscapes with subtle examples of human intervention (fences, piers, which rest in peaceful symbiosis with the land).


These sensuous path fences are facing the Pyrennées mountains. The landscape cedes to the natural, untouched wilderness of the area. Summer will be back, someday.


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