Out of the world in Spain

Located in Olot, north of Girona, Spain  -about one hour away South of Perpignan, France-  Mas Les Cols is more than a very sought-after restaurant boasting avant-garde architecture and gastronomy.
Olot is a bit off the radar of mainstream tourism. There are several parks nearby that highlight the austere beauty of the region’s landscape, an austerity that is echoed in the ascetic glass guest pavilions adjoining the restaurant. The whole atmosphere at Mas les Cols questions the definition of luxury.




The chickens that provide the restaurant’s eggs roam the grounds. When asked where the rooster(s) was, the head waiter replied  (without batting an eye) that the females had recently gotten rid of the last rooster…






Every single detail from the menu to the wine cellar and the restrooms are strong streamlined statements.

THE ROOMS contain… Next to nothing. But nothingness is muchness here.


You enter your volcanic rock forecourt. No television, no radio, no «Vogue Olot magazine» in your glass pavilion. You  switch on your cellphone, feel bad and switch it off… Sunlight filters thru the trees.

Hasn’t silence become a rare commodity ? 

Why not mute the volume…

Why not try to simplify and slow down this fast-paced mess we live in ?

It may not be for everyone -just five rooms, anyways !-

…Creative minds and busy brains, reflect, unwind, and reassess.


Mas Les Cols,
Carretera de la Canya s/n, Olot (Girona), Spain
(34-97) 226-9209, www.lescols.com.


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