Aging gracefully


This  juniper tree is between 1600 and 1800 years old and hasn’t been bogged down in the cult of personality. In the distance you only see a big mushroom but the tree gets more and more impressive as you walk down towards it.
The telluric area of Opoul Perrillos -located just within a stone’s throw of Salses, Pyrennees Orientales- is home to this old juniper tree which has been protected from fire thanks to its surrounding vineyards. Wild pigs also wreak havoc in the region and the vineyards have been fenced, to the benefit of the great surviver. His trunk is tormented, split into two parts.


On our way back up to the hiking trail we came from, we searched through the earth and found algae fossils that date back from millions of years ago, when the area was covered by the sea. Just taking in the beauty of the valley, filled with hiking trails and breathtaking views.

Leaving this area in the winter brings pangs of nostalgia for the bracing sensations of this solitary, serene place.


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