Sigean lights


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Nestled in a hamlet and just a stone’s throw from the low-lying coast between Bages and the Sigean lagoon, the L.A.C. «place for Contemporary Art» is no doubt the most unexpected exhibition space in the region. The number of artists living in the area bears witness to the the calm beauty of the lagoon, and the subtle, ever-changing light.

The L.A.C. is a gallery/collection put together in 1991 by Piet Moget, a Dutch painter. The gallery, which is run by his daughter Leila, is a huge barn-like structure originally used for wine making (there are even a couple of smaller galleries actually set in the wine vats which host more intimate drawings and works). The space is vast and streamlined but does conjure up the charm of wine making remains. Art can be interwoven with so many other activities and has been throughout history. The collection is quite eclectic, with drawings and paintings by many interesting artists.

Piet Moget’s main subject is the light and transparency of light and the combination of water and air. Air and horizon become more and more important in his work which gets more minimalistic… Just like the fog in the morning which fades away by the sunlight.


Having a walk around the nearby hamlet is also magical…


Taking in the ruins which still bear witness to their initial beauty and singular allure.

Taking in the found still life and silence.
 Husked sounds evoking secret worlds.

Hasn’t silence become a rare commodity ?




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