Enchanting simplicity in Magalas

Magalas is a quaint, traditional wine-producing village, very near to the historical town of Beziers, Renaissance town of Pezenas -with its cobbled stone streets housing Antique Shops and galleries-, and of course those stunning Mediterranean beaches.
Built in a defensive circle known as a “circulade village”(such shapes are a common feature of the Languedoc region due to its turbulent history) and perched on a hilltop, Magalas looks down on a corner of South West France that is rich in history and makes a delightful base for exploring this fascinating region. However, Magalas itself has no shortage of things to see and do!
The history of Magalas is inextricably intertwined with the story of the Cathars. The Languedoc region was ravaged by the Catholic crusades against the perceived heresy of Catharism.
Taking a stroll through the old village, with its tiny squares, ancient porches and ramparts, virtually in their original state, is such a pleasure. You never know what you’re going to find around the next bend but it doesn’t matter because you know it will be charming. The remains of the ramparts, a medieval street stall, with its oculus, a “mullioned window ” (fine Renaissance stone work) located on the upper level of a medieval façade, the 11th-century church…



Many houses also date back from the 19th century and a large number of homes still boast those bold numbers of hand-made cement tiles with their splash of color and creativity that have inspired interior designers for years.



… And on my way to visit a dear friend I discovered the most charming, delicious guest house run by a Swedish couple, to open in May. Attention to detail is a staple… 



Capitaine Bonnet guest house /annika.emanuelsson@ansan.se//Tel: 00 33 6 21 92 89 35


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