Casa Montes’ world / part 1

A garden delight

If all houses can be perceived as autobiographic showcases which reveal the character and the aspirations of the people who stage and live in them, some homes welcome guests in a definitely obvious, overt manner. This is the case for this guest house located in Salses, Pyrenées Orientales. With Michel and Alain’s such incredible talents converging together and knowhow to establish aesthetic links and cross-cultural encounters between art and culture, between the past and here and now, you know it’s going to be more than good, it’s going to be… Enchanting. Enjoy a peek into their folly!


The garden entrance shows such an elegant manhandling of nature from the start, such a fine geometry. Alain and Michel have orchestrated a series of areas that provide a sense of progression through the gardens. Elderberry, sweet-bay magnolia, wild roses, lilies create a scented atmosphere and lead to quiet corners where one can nestle up. An enchanting rustic pergola is planted with wisteria, right next to the summer kitchen an herb garden, and decorative green grasses throughout. The birdcages lined with citrus pots, orange trees, agapanthes… The “visual feeling” is overwhelming…

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

PicMonkey Collage.jpgjk

PicMonkey Collagejkl.jpg

Summertime,  garden time, I’m ready!


Garoufette the cat, one more perennial supporting player of “slowlife”.

Happy viewers, hold your horses, part 2 is coming soon with a focus on the guys’ amazing interiors…

Casa Montes, 1 Clos des abricotiers, 66600 Salses, France. Tel: 0033 611 10 90 28


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