A Sistine Chapel in Toulouse!


Toulouse is absolutely full of cultural treasures of all eras, mainly from the 18th century. However, as a Toulouse resident I have tended to stay away from the too touristy spots and sights which I unfortunately take a bit for granted. I came upon this deconsecrated chapel the other day. I had braved a myriad of streets dotted with a smattering of cafés and shops, and trying to beat the crowd, I suddenly hit a a quiet, tiny street and… behind a discrete entrance, a nugget!

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The Chapelle des Carmelites is all that remains of a 17th century convent destroyed after the French Revolution. The ceiling and walls are decorated with gorgeous 17th and 18th century paintings. The best view is that of the ceiling. To take it in fully, when the place is deserted which seems to often be the case, one can lay down in the middle of the floor and look up! The acoustics are divine, and concerts are held inside in the summer.

My local fascination of the week also goes for another 17th century landmark: the oldest pharmacy in Toulouse, which may not compete with Toulouse’s cultural treasures either but does exude the feeling of  “la vie est encore belle” in downtown Toulouse.


Happy June everyone!


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