“Forgotten Corbieres, Found”

We’re back in the Corbieres for more action!

From the look of things it seems like everyone (meaning students, professors..) here in the Deep South of France is blissfully entering summer and making all sorts of plans. So ready everyone to soak into the rugged beauty of the deep hinterland?

These badlands (originally “bad for farming”) are located in the shadow of the mighty Pyrennees mountains, halfway between the city of Perpignan and Thuir, so that’s next door to us, more precisely in the Pyrennees Orientales. The “Site des Orgues” of L’isle sur Tet is only for the brave… No French Riviera style here….


The road through the garrigue cedes to a winding path, and suddenly the view changes from bucolic to epic! Few landscapes are more chaotic than this site. It looks like some steel-fisted giant had pummeled the rock in a fit, leaving erratic-shaped blocks off thousands of years ago!


Those sedimentary rocks and clay-rich soils have been extensively eroded by the wind and waters for five million years… And seem to have many tales to tell. Five million years old and still bewitching! The mind boggles. In the winter, when the weather is clear, the snow-capped Canigou looms majestically in the distance.


Time to travel back to reality with this historical and official plate from a nearby village and which dates back to the 19th-century. It ruled the dating codes of the times. Meetic has never invented anything…



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