The journey!

I can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end… Where does time go? Yes, change is in the air, but  my “September issue” and the following posts will definitely make you want to get away from the “back to school environment”. But not necessarily, because there’s more to traveling than meets the eye!
A  journey doesn’t have to be geographic but a voyage of the heart, soul and brain as well as the body. The journey of the soul is about inspiration; that of the heart is about love; that of the body is about geography but also the senses, the tastes and the smells. And that of the brain would be the study of new knowledge. Every stage in our lives should be divided into journeys, and that in a sense of movement and novelty that is essential.
That being said, boarding a night boat from Naples to the Aeolian islands is no walk in the park, but the “silver lining” is blue and you need sunglasses to cope with the blinding whiteness of the morning sun.


Still in Naples, anticipating the journey!




Early morning blues!


Wake-up call

What a life...

What a life…

Definitely too early!

Definitely too early!





Fun is in the picture!

Massive fun in the picture!

Happy September everyone!


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