Salina – Part 5 – a blissful day!

Happy readers, these are my last snaps of Salina, and if I haven’t drown you with my favorite destination, prepare yourselves for another story to come soon, in another part of  the Mediterranean. The many photos I took in Salina still don’t come close to capturing the essence of this mesmerizing place. A voyage of the heart, the soul, and the brain is also a voyage of the senses. The Signum hotel spa, which is set against a backdrop of volcanic mountains and edenic gardens and vineyards, looks like it would have centuries ago. The spa is a secret stone garden with a pool of geothermal water connected and igloo-shaped buildings for different treatments. Water trickles down a moss-ladden wall. Steam baths take place inside a “thermal stove”, inspired by the one of Santo Calogero in Lipari.

As Italo Calvino put it, aromas and flavours are elements you cannot transmit vicariously or convey electronically.

… And this is why we travel!


Framing the Mediterranean view…


Treatment under the citrus trees…


The geothermal pool and steam bath…from which you emerge glowing and scented with sweet herbs, capers and citrus!



The magnificent caper flower



To be honest,  I wanted to stay.  Just like a great love, Salina is a place you never want to leave!


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