And summer lingered on…in the South West

For weeks now autumn has been predicted in France, and every summer salad has been welcome as if it were the last one. But then a new day comes, out go the tomatoes and the chilled rosé. As I am writing this, sweater season is said to be soon upon us.
 Autumn will be welcome here in the South West  but until then, we’ll be happy to keep entertaining our special guest, our “never-ending summer” (28° Celsius this weekend!) And as summer is all about being outside, here is one of the most spectacular gardens in southwestern France…. There really are no words that can describe the beauty, the grace, the restraint, the reverence, the thoughtfulness, of the garden of Mr and Mrs Michel Guerard in Eugenie-les-Bains, therefore, I’m going to let the pictures I took tell the story – the story of the sunken garden,  the parterre garden… The story of an affair!  The garden is how I like them, very french! high clipped hedges, ornamental allées, topiaries, boxwoods, classical parterres laid out in squares, circles and rectangles. The whole place is spectacular green, green, green, and so chic!  might I add I love all the terracotta pots, benches, and garden ornaments sprinkled around.

Michel Guerard is a world-famous chef and its property includes various venues and 3 restaurants, including a fantastic rustic barn converted into the most fantastic small (and more affordable) restaurant on which we will expand in a next post.

Mr and mrs Guerard did create a magic garden…


Love is all you need


Enjoy  the enchanted garden in the perfect light!

Michel Guerard

234 rue RenéVieille, 40320 Eugenie-les-Bains, France.

Tel: 00(33)558 050 607


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