Rocking the wine cellar!

Touring the vineyards in the Corbieres region in the fall is always a much-awaited, special time of the year, but one cannot expect the stunning and wonderful scenario Chateau Valmy offers. Its vineyards and grounds are so beautifully manicured and landscaped!  The view from the adjacent restaurant terrace is stunning. You’re only a stone’s throw from Collioure and Argeles, meaning not far from Perpignan and the spanish border. Where else can you go to see the Mediterranean sea, the coastline, the Pyrenees mountains and the vineyard at its best?



IMG_7049If you venture inside the building to see the machinery …what comes next is not the latest fancy night-club, but the most incredible wine cellar in the region!


I was completely in awe when I discovered this incredible wine cellar design. The blue LED lights, the shape, and the way it’s incorporated into the rest of the house is truly spectacular.


Such a strange encounter for my poor iPhone 4!


Talking about haute-couture…



Good night Chateau Valmy!

Special thanks to our friends Mr and Mrs Carboneil who run this family business, which  includes a restaurant and a romantic hotel. We’ll be coming back next year!

Chemin de Valmy 66700 | Argelès sur Mer | France
+33 (0)4 68 81 25 70


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