I’ve lived in the “Deep South”of France and traveled mostly through the Mediterranean region for twenty years. As a French translater with a busy brain and… a dyed-in-the-wool passion for beauty, I’ve come up with the idea I could share with you the images and experiences that keep me going and evolving.
This blog is a tribute to the things and places I love which have all been a great and all-directional source of visual stimulation and inspiration for me.
It’s about seeking out beauty everywhere, about looking at the overlooked.
I do not wish to address topics thru the filter of nostalgia. I’m interested in “here and now”, in the spirit of people and things at the moment I approach them, so they can remain a permanent source of inspiration and questioning.
I am fully aware that my iPhone snapshots are no performance worthy of applause. No White House photographer, no fancy interior design editor follows me around. But the world is my oyster, it can be yours too, so let’s start shucking…


Sabine Coty, Toulouse, France.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Allie Verberne-Benamara says:

    Makes my heart yearn for the South! I am stuck in Northern France. Wish we could be neighbors! Beautiful photos – fun to read posts.

  2. Margarita von Tautphoeus says:

    what a fascinating way of presenting “2nd look” views, this way of observing our regular environment (in this case a very beautiful one) can only bring happiness.

  3. Beverly Bidwell says:

    Well Done! Your beautiful area needs more exposure and appreciation instead of
    taking it for granted. We can all learn to look at our environment more deeply.

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